Katy Morgan

A Christmas retelling

The promise was coming true. But no one had thought it would happen quite like this…

Written as a series of vivid and dramatic first-person accounts, The Promise and the Light tells the stories of Mary, Joseph and Zechariah as they experience the events of the first Christmas. This imaginative yet biblically faithful book will captivate children aged 8-12.

“Historically informed and beautifully reimagined. An engrossing tale through which the message of Jesus shines.”
—Tim Chester

The Promise and the Light cover

Hi, I'm Katy.

I’m the author of The Promise and the Light and… well, watch this space for more.

I have curly hair, my handwriting is very small, and I like being outside. I’ve read a lot of books, but the Bible is the best one!

I grew up in Somerset but now I live in Chessington at the very south-western edge of London, where I work as an editor at The Good Book Company. Before that I worked in a school as a chaplain’s assistant, and before that I was studying ancient Greek literature in an MPhil at Cambridge University.

This website is the place to contact me and read more of my writing.

Katy Morgan

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